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Concept of the day: Protei Project - Robotic Boat that Could Help Clean Up Oil Spill


Cesar Herada came up with Protei project that aims at using a fleet of robotic sailboats to clean oil spills in the ocean or gathering accurate data regarding the level of radiation in the water near power plants.

Each sailing drone will be able to collect up to 2 tons of oil. In addition, the fleet of robotic sailboats can be equipped with all the necessary tools to tackle different environmental disasters at sea, in areas where it would be difficult and hazardous for humans.

A Protei boat is controlled from the shore. Using a number of special algorithms in combination with GPS data, it would be possible to control thousands of robotic ships.

At the same time the author of the concept considers that the control of the boats could be given to gamers, thus increasing the effectiveness of the Protei fleet.

With the help of a front rudder the robotic boat can tack into the wind and not lose power, reports FastCompany.

At the moment, Herada continues working on the prototype and soon hopes to start the trials. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of Herada's boat.

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