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Public Phone Booths to Become Internet Access Points in Sweden


Public phone booths in Sweden will be 'reassigned' to public stations for wireless Internet access. One of the major Scandinavian Internet Service Providers - TeliaSonera - stated that about 700 public phone booths would be equipped with stations for wireless Internet access. This equipment will enable Swedish to access Internet wirelessly virtually from anywhere near a phone booth within 500 feet.

This way TeliaSonera intends to find a place in the wireless 21st century for the old telephone booths, which were prophesied to extinguish within a few decades.

News agencies report that a user will need a laptop and a mobile phone, to retrieve a unique password for Internet access.

The process of re-equipment of the phone booths' is to start in the Swedish major cities - Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmo, followed by other 20 cities.

It is worth mentioning that in April London authorities expressed an idea of embracing the main English river - Thames - into a Wi-Fi net for wireless Internet access. Thus two events show a tenancy of ISPs to equip or re-equip places mostly visited by people for a more comfortable wireless Internet access.

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