Thursday, 22 Apr, 2010 Technology

Public Transport System Based on Magnetic Levitation


This is another solution to traffic jams, pollution and agglomerated parking spaces, which are some of the main problems a lot of megapolises face with. Designed by Chris Hanley, this zero-emission public transportation system offers a roller coaster-like experience.

The industrial designer thought about creating a system that would be based on magnetic levitation (maglev), which would eliminate, or at least reduce, traffic jams - the tracks of the system are suspended above the city streets and skyscraper will play the role of stations.

It would also be interesting to note that the cabins in the system can rotate 360 degrees, which allows them to dodge sharp corners when running down narrow roads. Passengers will be able to travel without having to buckle up because cabins stay still, with the winds of the system moving along the magnetic track. More images are available here.

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