Friday, 25 Mar, 2011 Technology

Qatar Researchers to Create Artificial Cloud to Cool 2022 World Cup Stadiums


After FIFA's announcement that Qatar will be the country to host the 2022 World Cup football tournament, a lot of experts criticized the decision due to the fact that the nation's climate is too hot to play.

After all the criticism, researchers from Qatar University department came up with the idea to design an artificial cloud that would provide shade above the stadiums during the World Cup matches.

The cloud that would hover over stadiums during the games will help players avoid the boiling heat of the sun.

According to USA Today, Saud Abdul Ghani, head of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department, mentioned that $500,000 will be spent on the creation of a working artificial cloud model.

He also said that his team will work on the project in collaboration with researchers from Qatar Science and Technology Park. It was reported that the artificial cloud will be made of light carbon material. Inside the cloud will have helium and would be powered by solar energy.

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