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QLOCKTWO W Wristwatch from Tokyoflash Tells Time with Letters


The Japanese watch company Tokyoflash has already become famous worldwide due to its original digital timepieces. Recently the firm has launched another watch model that tells the time with letters rather than numbers.

Biegert and Funk is a German design company that announced the release of the watch. It is worth mentioning that the new timepiece is called QLOCKTWO W and it measures 35 x 35 mm (1.37 in). Its display has a grid of 110 letters.

By pressing the button located on the right hand side of QLOCKTWO W the display will light up the letters to reveal the time - "It is half past ten," for instance. Another push of the same button will reveal the calendar day, and afterwards the seconds.

The QLOCKTWO W is expected to appear in autumn, with the case being made in stainless steel with a rubber or leather strap. The German design firm will offer the timepiece in both English and German language versions. QLOCKTWO W will wear a price tag of 550 Euro (about $724).

[via designboom]

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