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Recordings on Predicting the Existence of Parallel Worlds Found


A brilliant physicist recorded his theory on the existence of parallel universes. The tapes were recently discovered in the basement of his son's flat.

According to the recordings, the idea about parallel universes came to the quantum physicist, Hugh Everett, when he was 24 years old. The year was 1957 and the physicist at that time was a graduate student at Princeton University.

It is worth mentioning that the theory developed by Everett led to the rise of "multiverse," a concept voting for several universes were all the possibilities of life play out.

Presumably the tapes were recorded in 1977. This was the year when the physicist presented his idea on parallel worlds at a physics conference. His theory was lying rejected for 2 decades after finally coming to life in 1977. The tapes disappeared after the scientist's death in 1982.

Tapes were discovered during a TV documentary filming. The documentary included Mark Everett, the son of the physician, who tries to understand the work of his father.

The information on the tapes includes a dialogue between Everett and Charles Misner, a professor of physics at the University of Maryland. Everett's son, Mark, can be heard in the background playing the drums.

Everett was talking about the inspiration that came to him during the discussion about the ridiculous consequences of quantum theory with Misner and Aage Petersen. The latter was an assistant of Niels Bohr, the physicist that has won the Nobel Prize. Everett fulfilled a draft paper where he described his idea in 1956. John Wheeler, Everett's supervisor, when seeing the paper said: "I am frankly bashful about showing it to Bohr in its present form, valuable and important as I consider it to be, because of parts subject to mystical misinterpretations by too many unskilled readers."

The work of the physicist started one of the most confusing mysteries to from quantum mechanics. His theory includes a consequence stating that tiny particles, including electrons, are able to behave in a very interesting way, which permits them to be in 2 places at once. Later Bohr commented: "Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it."

According to the calculations performed by Everett whenever quantum mechanics mentioned a particle was presented in 2 places at the same time, the universe divides. One of the universes has a particle in one place, the other one, however, appears in the other.

Recently, Everett's theory has been accepted by a lot of scientists, who consider it to be profoundly important.

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