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Reimage - Remote Repairing System for Your Windows OS


Reimage represents a web-based service that analyzes and performs system recovery of your PC. When observing a PC the service scans for objects that were altered, removed or added by malware, computer viruses and the like. Then it looks through its enormous database of Windows system components. In just minutes Reimage restores missing objects and/or replaces those that were altered.

It is worth mentioning that Reimage is a product that has already become popular among PC technicians. The system performs a Windows XP PCs repair over the Web or corporate network and up till now Reimage managed to fix over 200,000 computers running on Windows operating system. The system's main goal is to carry out an online repair of seriously damaged Windows installs.

With the help of an ActiveX agent Reimage can diagnose issues related to registry keys, files, drivers, and other components of the operating system. ActiveX is downloaded to a user's Windows PC. The latter launches an Internet Explorer shell, which then scans the whole system. See this video: How the technology works.

After the scanning has been completed, the system provides a report of what it can repair and then asks if you want to fix your Windows XP for a price of $65 for one PC or if you have three computers that need to be fixed then Reimage offers a special price of $79. For ten computers repaired the price is $139 and if you want an unlimited package then the monthly price is $149. All packages include money back guarantee and embedded antivirus scan. The $79 and $139 packages also include professional user interface and the ability to add your own logo; the $149 package includes two additional features: you can start the repair from your own or a co-branded website and receive repair reports in your personal account. While fixing Windows XP, the system does not affect user data or any application on the computer.

The company's slogan is "PC Repair. In Minutes". Some technicians may feel skeptic about the expression, but it's worth mentioning that a number of tests have been carried out by experts, who wanted to see if the system is as good as the company says it is. The results showed that some of the repairs lasted only 10-15 minutes. Besides, in case the company identifies any problems related to your repair, its staff will call you and offer their help. You may want to check more information about the service on Reimage blog.

Reimage's product can also act as antivirus software, being able to disable malware and make sure that the virus does not start up once again after you reboot your computer. Reimage can also repair the damage caused by computer viruses, but malware can remain on your PC, which is why it is important that you run a good AntiVirus software after the repair to be able to clean your computer.

Reimage also states that user's data remains untouched during the repair. The system's spybot can instantly clean out 1,000 temporary files and act as antispyware, being able to remove spyware from your computer. You can read about Reimage Home Edition and the video on how the system works on the company's website.

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