Thursday, 18 Feb, 2010 Technology

Researchers Create Hands-Free Voice Text Application


Researchers from Clemson University have come up with a new application that allows drivers to transmit voice messages without taking their hands of the wheel and their eyes off the road.

The new application is called VoiceText. Drivers can send messages by putting their handset in Bluetooth mode, connecting it to their vehicle and then just speaking the text which is then sent to the other user.

To send the voice message it is necessary to give a voice command via the cell phone or the car's speaker system. Thus the driver speaks to the phone and commands it to transmit messages. The handset of the person who receives the message identifies the voice signal as a text message, allowing the recipient to answer accordingly.

Now the researchers are analyzing public opinion of their invention. You give your response regarding the invention here.

It is worth mentioning that according to the data provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 80 percent of all car accidents and 65 percent of near-crashes are caused by driver distraction, with the major cause of distraction being cell phones.

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