Thursday, 07 Oct, 2010 Technology

Revolutionary Buoyancy Aid Bazooka That Can Help Save Lives


The 2010 James Dyson Award was given to the buoyancy aid designed in Australia. It is worth mentioning that the invention competed with other 14 finalists.

The Longreach buoyancy aid is made of hydrophobic foam which enlarges in the water. It can be fired 150 meters out to sea and help save lives.

The author of the design is the 24-year-old Samuel Adeloju, who has been awarded with GBP10,000 ($15,900). An extra GBP10,000 was given to his engineering faculty at the University he graduated in New South Wales, informs Gizmodo.

With the flares installed on the buoyancy aid, it would be possible to help the waterlogged person catch attention. In just 15 seconds the aid increases 40 times in size.

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