Thursday, 17 Dec, 2009 Technology

Road Printer Makes Perfect Road Signs with a Push of a Button


Hoyoung Lee, Doyoung Kim and Hongju Kim designed this Road Printer for Designsory. This device was developed to print road signs right onto the surface of the road with just a push of a button. In addition, Road Printer makes the signs accurately and quickly jet-spraying them on the surface.

The computer inside the device includes a set of preprogrammed templates, including Stop, U Turn, Bus and Arrow Signs.

The buttons on the device are so big that the person can push them with his feet. The device can charge thanks to a solar panel mounted on its top.

Road Printer works similar to an inkjet printer, painting road signs by swinging from side to side and applying the paint. One can easily refill the reservoir located at the rear with fresh new paint.

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