Friday, 11 Feb, 2011 Technology

RoboEarth - Site that Will Help Robots Study on Their Own


With continuous innovations in the field of robotics we could soon witness robots that will search the web on their own, visiting websites developed exclusively for them.

The first website designed for robots only is called RoboEarth. The Wiki-style site will function the following way: when a machine completes a certain task it will be able to upload information linked with the task. The uploaded information can later be shared with other robots. Just one download and robots will be able to learn from each other without human help.

RoboEarth will be used only for data sharing. There will be no robot-auction websites or dating websites, at least in the near future.

It is worth mentioning that the idea to create RoboEarth came to researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

In order to help robots share data from RoboEarth, researchers made their system depend on a certain amount of standardization between the machines. Without standardization robots will be able to share just a very small amount of data, reports Physorg.

The RoboEarth project is expected to be completed in about 4 years.

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