Wednesday, 11 Mar, 2009 Technology

Robot Teacher Debuts in Japanese School


In an attempt to show what the future education will look like, Japanese engineers tested for the first time their robot-teacher with a beautiful name Saya.

Engineers worked on the Saya project for 15 years and after being tested as a receptionist, they decided to see her playing the role of a teacher. Saya can speak several languages and, according to its creators, has the ability to set tasks for children in the classroom, move and express anger when children misbehave.

The current project is just one of the first steps of the Japanese engineers to fill each home in the country with a robot by 2015. It is worth mentioning that some robots are already used as traffic wardens and there's one robot that serves as a companion of patients with Alzheimer's.

Initially Saya was created for companies who look forward to cut costs by replacing some office workers like the secretaries and receptionists with the robot that could express different human emotions. Tokyo University already uses the android as a receptionist. Saya wears a shape-hugging yellow shirt and her job is to meet visitors.

The man who invented Saya is Professor Hirohi Kobayashi of Tokyo University. He was reported as saying that the most difficult is to develop software that could mimic the human mind. However, he hopes that in a few years the industry will create androids with physical and mental skills similar to a two-year-old kid.

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