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Robot That Paints Your Sleep


Ibis, a hotel chain decided to run a contest in which guests were offered a night with a machine.

However, to prevent you from thinking about dirty stuff between a human and a robot it should be explained that the robot is used to turn your night's sleep into a painting. The latter is created with the help of 80 sensors.

Here's how it works: the sensors, located in the mattress, analyze user's temperature, movement and sound during their sleep and the collected data is illustrated in a painting.

It is worth mentioning that the Ibis' promotional campaign is part of a project entitled Sleep Art.

To take part in the project you have to check out Ibis’s Facebook page. The company will select 40 guests, who will sleep in on of its hotels in London, Paris or Berlin and have their sleep painted by a machine.

The starting point is October 13th. All participants will receive a copy of the artwork.

[via DigitalTrends]

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