Monday, 01 Jun, 2009 Technology

Robotaxi Concept to Provide Maximum Comfort for Its Clients


This unusual Robot taxi concept offers two seats and runs on three wheels. It was designed with the goal of providing an everlasting smooth public transportation system.

The compact taxi robot has one uplifting door for passengers. Several robotaxis will circle around the city systematically, and will be aware with the current position of each vehicle. To order the cab one can use a mobile phone or simply jump in one of them at any location.

The robotaxis can boast a continuously evolving, completely optimized and perpetually self-adjusting public traffic system.

In order to use the robotaxi you might want to learn a few instructions:

- A robotaxi can be called though a mobile phone;

- the robotaxi operator will analyze the position of the nearest vehicle;

- upon its arrival the robotaxi will open the door for you;

- set the required destination using a touch panels inside the vehicle;

- inside the cab you can watch video or surf through the Internet;

- the payment is made automatically, through wireless reading from your credit card.

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