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Robotic Cell Phones Able to Mimic Human Emotions and Gestures


Two scientists from Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) developed a family of robotic cell phones that are able to walk, dance and express their emotions.

The first invention of Ji-Dong Yim, doctoral student, and Chris Shaw, an associate professor, is Cally, a 16-centemeters tall robot that can walk, dance and imitate human gestures. By being able to track human faces, the robot allows the cell phone users to see the person on the other line.

The latest creation of the SIAT inventors is Callo, a 23-centimeters tall robot, which is more emotionally complex compared to Cally. To develop Callo, scientists applied wireless networking, text messaging and a number of other interactive technologies, reports Physorg.

Yim explains: "Imagine you are video-calling with me through Callo. When you move your robot, my robot will move the same, and vice versa, so that we can share emotional feelings using 'physically smart' robot phones."

According to Shaw, they are currently working different human-robot cell phone services and creating prototypes of Cally, Callo and their siblings.

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