Monday, 11 Oct, 2010 Technology

Robotic Vehicles Patrol Nevada Nuclear Site


Having the goal of keeping the Nevada nuke site safe, the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) decided to launch a squad of robot sentinels that will patrol the site.

It is worth mentioning that the Nevada site was the place where thousands of Cold War nuclear weapons were tested and it features tens of millions of cubic feet of low-level radioactive waste.

Called Mobile Detection Assessment Response System (MDARS), the autonomous robotic vehicles are remotely controlled from a command center located at the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

Any suspicious activity can be identified with the help of onboard sensors and real-time video.

Although operated by specialists from the command center, the robots can function on their own, requiring only direct operator action in order to evaluate situations on an "as needed" basis.

At the moment the MDARS machines are patrolling a number of the remote sites of the 1,360 square mile facility, informs Wired.

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