Friday, 26 Mar, 2010 Technology

Robovie MR2 - Smart Desktop Communication Robot


The Japanese researchers from the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute are the one who developed the Robovie MR2.

Despite the fact that the 30cm tall device will most likely remain on your desktop, it will be able to do different useful and entertaining things.

If you connect the 2kg Robovie MR2 to an iPod Touch, it will collect information from the Internet and then relate the gathered data via gestures of speech.

The communication robot also features a compact Web cam that transforms the Robovie MR2 into a home intrusion detector able to work remotely.

The user can also control the device by using a wireless game pad or via the Internet.

Currently researchers are thinking on whether to start commercializing their invention.

More images of the Robovie MR2 are available here.

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