Wednesday, 17 Feb, 2010 Technology

Rocking Chair that Harnesses Kinetic Energy to Power Electronic Devices


An increasing number of concepts harnessing kinetic energy are developed by various designers today, and it should not be of surprise with a continuously growing market of eco-friendly devices.

Ryan Klinger is no exception. The industrial designer is the author of this chair that can be used to power devices using kinetic energy it harvests.

The rocking chair is called Empower. It captures power from each swing and allows a person to recharge different electronic devices via USB. The chair has a kinetic energy generator along with a lithium ion battery that collects power every time a person swings. The LED lights make it possible to see the amount of energy that was accumulated.

In addition, the char is manufactured using recyclable materials. It can also be flatpacked to be easily transported elsewhere. The concept was submitted for the Greener Gadgets Design Competition

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