Wednesday, 06 May, 2009 Technology

Romanian Green Apple-shaped Building


A lot of designers and design companies look forward to present their creations at Shanghai 2010 World Expo. One of the most impressive constructions was presented by Romania. Its designers came up with their version of national pavilion that has the shape of a green apple, referring to a "green city" concept.

It is expected that the national pavilion will cover 2,000 square meters. According to Romanian officials, the shape of the building, as well as its logo "Greenopolis" highlight the significance of a healthy way of life, sustainable development and knowledge-based solutions for a contemporary society.

Officials also added that Romania attempts to focus of a city's historical heritage to be able to comprehend, develop and interpret this wisdom in an improved quality of life for the country's modern urban citizens.

It is worth mentioning that an open tender for erection of the building has been initiated.

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