Monday, 19 Jul, 2010 Technology

Sailing Aircraft - Futuristic Luxury Boat that Turns into Airplane


Designer Yelken Octuri developed a design of a futuristic sailboat that can transform into a plane.

He named his creation Sailing Aircraft. The boat/airplane can put its wings in horizontal position when it is in plane mode, with the wingspan being 377 meters. But when the vehicle is in the sail mode, it positions its wings vertically (185 meters).

It would be interesting to note that Captain Silvan Mariach was the one who commissioned this futuristic Sailing Aircraft to Aerocoche Company.

Besides being able to sail in the sea and fly above the ground, the vehicle offers luxurious space for four passengers.

According to Octuri the aircraft features a Recchia & Husser engine, 2 propellers in its tail and 2 lateral panels that can flip over horizontally, thus turning into 2 small pontoons. Because of the sliding canopy, the cockpit can become completely open.

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