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Samsung's Latest Devices Demoed by Victoria's Secret Model


At this year's IFA, Samsung offered guests the ability to enjoy not only its latest technological devices, but also the presence of Victoria's Secret model Angela Bellotte.

She was asked to present the company's other hot models: Samsung 75-inch ES9000 LED Smart 3D TV and the ES9500 55-inch OLED TV.

The Victoria's Secret model demonstrated the gesture-controlled version of Angry Birds on the ES9000 model, and helped Samsung introduce the firm's new Multi View feature on the ES9500.

The latter makes it possible for two users to watch different content on the same screen. All that is required is a pair of Multi View 3D glasses with built-in headphones. These glasses allow the users to see and hear their own program.

According to Samsung, its latest feature works thank to "high processing speeds and an innovative wireless sound system." No more details regarding the system have been given.

[via Gizmag]

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