Wednesday, 17 Mar, 2010 Technology

Sanyo Builds Solar-Powered Parking Lots for Electric Hybrid Bikes


Solar-powered charging stations for vehicles are not something new. Recently the Japanese tech company Sanyo has finished its two solar parking lot charging stations for the company's hybrid electric bicycle called Eneloop.

At the two stations Sanyo also decided to provide 80 hybrid bikes for community use. One charging station can charge up to 40 bikes. The power that is left is used to illuminate the parking lots at night. For illumination Sanyo uses LEDs.

The solar-powered parking lots are found in Tokyo's Setagaya district. To generate electricity they use only solar panels mounted on rooftops. Each parking lot features 36,210W panels, with energy being stored in lithium ion batteries.

However, the stations have one drawback - they can only be used for Sanyo's $2,000+ Eneloop electric hybrid bicycle. More information is available here.

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