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Sartre: A New Approach to Commuting


Millions of people spend hours driving to their workplace and back home. The newest European initiative informally called "the Road Train" may prove to be one of the best inventions designed to ease the traffic.

The Sartre project (Safe Road Trains for the Environment) financed by the EU's Framework 7 plan is intended to introduce a novel commuting mechanism in a few years. The idea is to link up to eight vehicles (regardless their size and scope of usage) with wireless sensors to a single vehicle conducted by a professional driver. After joining the 'road train' drivers can stop steering their cars and relax – navigation systems and controllers installed on each vehicle will do the job. Drivers will be able to get out of the chain by signaling to the leading driver and taking control of their cars. To join the 'road train' drivers will need to locate the closest 'road train' with the navigation system and specify the destination.

The new system can prove to be one of the best inventions in easing the traffic since it is believed to cut fuel consumption by 20 percent for each vehicle in the chain except for the leader. In addition, it will help prevent traffic jams, reduce the number of car accidents, and take away the stress that occurs while driving. No adaptation of standard roads will be needed.

The testing of the new system will continue for three years in selected European countries upon the completion of the research.

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