Thursday, 31 May, 2007 Technology

School to be Guarded by a Robot


The world's first robot to guard children was developed in South Korea. Scientists dubbed the robot OFRO, and it's main goal is to protect children in Seoul's middle school. Placing a robot in the school is a test that the developers are going to make before launching the robot into the market.

According to the developers the robot could be useful in alerting staff in case outsiders intend to seduce students. Chief Executive of Du Robo, Kang Jung-Won, told Korea Times that one of the possible scenarios is that in case OFRO spots someone trying to seduce a student it will immediately alert school's officials.

After the robot has alerted teachers, they have several opportunities: whether to warn the offender via loudspeaker or send school's security guards.

The firm's officials stated that their invention is the world's first robot that is used for the purpose of guarding an educational institution. The speed of OFRO is 5km/h. The robot is able to patrol pre-programmed routes or it can be controlled by a human, i. e. manually. A camera and microphone are attached to OFRO so to maintain connection with teachers or a security firm.

Kang Jung-Won stated that after the developers pass the feasibility test, they are going to commercialize OFRO. The smart-robot will have a retail price of around $100,000.

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