Wednesday, 31 Mar, 2010 Technology

Scubster - Eco-Friendly Project Involving Pedal-Powered Submarine


The EndlessFlyers association teamed up with SUPMECA and ISITV, two French universities located in Toulan, to design the Scubster. The team looks forward participate with its muscle-powered submarine in the International Submarine Race, which is expected to take place at a military in the United States in July 2011.

It is worth mentioning that participants of the race at the military base of Bethesda will have the possibility to compete in two categories: Speed Race and Slalom and Maniability.

The Scubster is designed to take part in the Maniability category, having the goal of reaching a speed of at least 10kph with optimal maneuverability.

The submarine is expected to become a great exploration instrument that scientists could use to carry out different scientific researches.

Not just does this project represent a new tech tool, it also motivates people to focus on protecting the environment.

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