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Seagate GoFlex - Wireless Portable Storage Device for iPhone, iPad


Seagate GoFlex Satellite represents one of the latest high-tech devices for Apple fans. It is a mobile wireless storage drive that can be used by owners of an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Users can easily connect their devices to the external hard drive wirelessly. It is worth mentioning that the drive boasts a capacity of 500 gigabytes, which allows users to watch high-definition movies on-the-go.

One can take the portable device anywhere since it is rather compact. In addition, the device can wirelessly connect as an extra storage for other Wi-Fi capable gadgets.

With the help of a pre-installed GoFlex Media application users can easily manage the contents on the hard drive.

The battery incorporated in the device allows it to run non-stop for about 5 hours. In the standby mode the drive can run 5 times longer.

According to Seagate, some other features of the hard drive include the ability to store 300 HD movies and automatically synchronize media and docs from a PC or Mac computer. The device is currently available for $199.

[via Seagate]

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