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Seagate Presents Thinnest HDD in the World


Recently Seagate presented, what the company claims to be, the thinnest hard disk drive in the world. Its new 2.5-inch device was dubbed Momentus Thin and is destined to be used in laptops and netbooks.

Seagate's HDD is just 7mm in height. It would be worth mentioning that the most hard disk drives used in laptops are 9.5mm high, which means that the ne device is 25 percent thinner.

Dave Mosley, the company's spokesman stated that new thin hard disk drives will push computer makes to develop thinner and lighter netbooks and laptops. Seagate informed that its new HDD will come in two capacity points, i.e. 250GB and 160GB, informs TGDaily. The company also mentioned a number of other tech specs for its device: 8MB cache, Serial ATA 3Gb per second interface, 5400RPM spin speed.

It is expected that the new drive will be shipped to the company's OED and integrator partners in the beginning of 2010.

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