Thursday, 15 Jul, 2010 Technology

Self-Sustainable Skyscraper Designed for Yerevan, Armenia


Believe it or not, this stunning structure is a concept developed for a multi-use skyscraper that can enrich the city of Yerevan in Armenia.

The building was designed by Vahan Misakyan. It is made of structural geodesics that are connected through habitable bridges. The geodesics are transitions between vertical and horizontal planes that start from the ground and up, turning into habitable areas.

It would be interesting to note that the skyscraper will be covered with an "intelligent" skin that will include a system for collecting rainwater, photovoltaic cells and wind turbines.

In addition, the skin will be able to control the amount of daylight and level ventilation, informs Evolo.

The skyscraper's towers will include a transportation hub, a park, offices and a hotel, while the bridges that connect them will serve as places where people can gather and play.

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