Friday, 17 Aug, 2012 Technology

Service that Offers 3D Replica of Your Unborn Baby


Fasotec together with Hiroo Ladies clinic, decided to provide a brand new service. Now clients have the opportunity to obtain 3D sculptures of their abdomen during pregnancy.

The starting point of this service is July 30 and it is so far the world's first to offer 3D models that you can in fact hold.

It would be interesting to note that the 3D model is made with the help of a special technology, dubbed BioTexture. The latter is used for 3D processing of the image data. The actual model is made by a 3D printer, which sprays two resins at the same time, see-through for the mother's body and white for the baby.

Without the cost of imaging, the service costs 100,000 yen ($1,259). In the near future Fasotec looks forward to expanding the price options, and offers clients a wider range of model sizes and shapes.

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