Friday, 02 Apr, 2010 Technology

Sharp Creates 3D Touchscreen for Mobile Devices


It is no surprise that more tech companies are starting implemented 3D technologies and Sharp is no exception. The company came up with a 2.4 and 3.4-inch 3D touchscreen LCD that boasts highest brightness.

The screen can be switched from 2D into 3D mode and the most interesting aspect of the invention is that the user can watch 3D content without having to wear special glasses.

With resolutions of 480 x 854, the 3D LCD makes use of a parallax barrier system in order to display 3D images.

The screen could be used in mobile devices like 3D capable cell phones and game consoles. Later this year the company hopes to start mass production of non-touchscreen models. Detailes on the technology are available here.

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