Friday, 20 Jul, 2012 Technology

Singapore's Changi Airport Enriched with World's Largest Kinetic Work of Art


Visitors of Singapore's Changi Airport are now able to witness a structure composed of 1,216 shiny, copper raindrops that together make up the world's largest kinetic sculpture.

Called the "Kinetic Rain", the sculpture enriches the departure hall, being suspended over the escalators and expanding over an area of over 807 feet.

It would be interesting to note that with the help of computer controlled motors, wisely hidden in the ceiling, the copper raindrops move in a 15-minute performance "sets." They are parted into 608-piece sections and can move in unison or independently.

While dancing, the raindrops may sometimes complement or react to each other.

The Kinetic Rain is in fact just a small part of a huge $4 million dollar renovation of the Changi Airport. German firm ART+COM is the one that came up with the sculpture. The goal of the work is to create a "contemplative moment for the departure hall, which stands in contrast to the hectic atmosphere of travel."

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