Wednesday, 01 Apr, 2009 Technology

Singapore Company Presents Mind-blowing Digital Cloud Skyscraper


A Singapore-based company, called Design Art, managed to get to the final of a competition to develop a design of a pavilion where the World Expo 2010 will take place.

Its project is an amazing pixilated skyscraper. The company entitled its project "My Dream, Our Vision".

The skyscraper uses permutated cubes in order to transform into a modular sculpture that beautifully represents the dynamism and cosmopolitanism of Singapore. It is also meant to represent the country as a nation that always looks into the future.

The building incorporates both modern and traditional features. Its form resembles an illuminated digital cloud that floats over a continuously changing green meadow.

Designers of the pavilion say that visitors are welcome to enter the bright and white digital cloud, where they are free to post their dreams.

The whole construction is made of 3866 cubes of modular sizes that have different levels of transparency.

The digital cloud skyscraper takes advantage of natural light. In addition, the building is deliberately sloped at the base in order to offer visitors complete view of the surroundings.

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