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Researchers Developed Sixth Sense Gizmo


Recently scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) presented their latest invention - a device that is able to transform virtually any surface into a touch-screen that one can control using hand gestures. In addition, if the user makes a circle on his or her wrist then the device projects watch face with the time displayed on the wrist.

But scientists didn't stop there - they created a gadget that can be worn like jewelry, incorporating a Web camera; projector, powered by a battery and a mobile phone. The camera and projector send signals to smartphones that have Internet connection.

According to MIT researcher, Patty Maes, their latest invention "can really let you connect as a sixth sense device with whatever is in front of you". The MIT researcher on February 5, 2009, presented the device at Technology, Entertainment, Design Conference, which took place in Southern California. The gizmo was created from store-bought components the cost of which does not exceed $300.

The gadget has the ability to identify products on store shelves, reading the information about items and afterwards projecting it. It may also send certain signals to inform user about the choice that could suit his or her taste. The latest invention of scientists from MIT can also scan an airplane ticket and provide information on whether the flight is on time. It may identify books in a books store and, using its projector, offer information about the author and reviews from the Internet.

The device is able to identify articles in newspapers, then retrieve the latest information from the Internet, including articles and videos, and show them on the pages of a newspaper.

"It is very much a work in progress. Maybe in ten years we will be here with the ultimate sixth-sense brain implant," said Maes.

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