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SkyCube - Miniature Social Satellite that Orbits Earth and Sends Images of It


Famous for developing SkySafari apps for iOS, Android and Mac OS X, the company called Southern Stars Group LLC, is now considering building a miniature satellite called SkyCube.

The satellite will have the shape of a cube and will orbit Earth sending low-resolution images of our planet while airing short messages from sponsors. The messages will take the form of data pings.

It is worth mentioning that SkyCube measures 10x10x10 cm (3.9 cubic-inch) and once deployed, it will orbit Earth over 300 miles (483 km) up.

At the end of the mission, the satellite will deploy its 10 ft (3 m) diameter bright balloon that will be visible from the Earth.

It would be interesting to note that Southern Stars Group LLC also looks forward to using its app-making skills to make applications for both iOS and Android that will help users track the satellite, transmit messages and request pictures.

[via Southern Stars Group LLC ]

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