Tuesday, 19 Oct, 2010 Technology

Skyhook - UAV Jetpack from Martin Aircraft Company


The Martin Skyhook UAV is a jetpack that can be used by the military, being able to assist in battlefield where it will monitor and scan the area for explosive devices.

It is worth mentioning that the robotic version on Martin's jetpack has the same specs as the manned model.

It is able to reach an altitude of 10,000 feet or more, and lift weights of up to 100 kilograms. In addition, the jetpack takes off and lands vertically.

The unmanned vehicle is equipped with a gasoline-powered engine that can generate 200hp and allow the jetpack to register a range of 31 miles. It can reach a maximum speed of 63mph, reports BotJunkie.

Currently the company is in search of investors that would help Martin carry out the test for the commercial application and bring the device to the market.

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