Wednesday, 09 Feb, 2011 Technology

SkyLiner - the Future of Air Travel is Close


A hybrid airship is being developed by a British firm called World SkyCat Ltd. The company says that its airship represents a hybrid of an airplane and airship that can carry cargo weighting over 200 tons. The advantage of such airship is that it can land almost anywhere.

The $517 million project, entitled "Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle" (LEMV) will be finished by 2012. SkyLiner will be able to fly at an altitude of 20,000 feet and be used for mining natural resources.

The length of the airship exceeds that of a football field and it can be also used to transport people and cargo from and to locations with no airports.

The SkyLiner has laminated fabric shell with thrusters on both sides that allow pilots to control it at low speeds. The project costs about $1,500 per hour for petroleum. The airship will fly together with 747s in the regular freight section, reports CNN.

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