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Small Robots to Complete a Triathlon in Hawaii


The robot developed by Panasonic a few years ago has already managed to complete a number of difficult challenges, being powered by two of the firm's AA EVOLTA alkaline batteries.

In 2008 the 17-centimeter high robot, dubbed Mr. Evolta, visited the Grand Canyon to climb a 500-meter high rope. In 2009 it was able to complete the "24 Hours of Le Mans" on a tiny tricycle and in 2010 it went for a walk and managed to cross 500 kilometers from Tokyo to Kyoto.

Recently it was announced that the company decided to launch 3 robots in order to complete the 230-kilometer Ironman Triathlon circuit that will take place in Hawaii. The triathlon will be composed of a 3.8km of swimming in the open ocean, 180.2km of cycling, and 42.2km of running.

Each part of the triathlon will be completed by a different robot. It is worth mentioning that Tomotaka Takahashi is the designer of these machines and is the one who developed 3 suits for each EVOLTA robot.

According to Takahashi, the most complicated task will be swimming, which the robot will perform in front crawl, being able to stay afloat thanks to front and rear pontoon-like mechanisms.

Each of the three Mr Evoltas will receive energy from 3 rechargeable EVOLTA AA batteries. The triathlon is expected to start on October 23rd, with each robot given a time limit of 1 week. Watch the video below to get more information on the event.

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