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Smart Baby Case Designed to Keep Baby Safe in Polluted Environment


Designer Pouyan Mokhtarani is the one who developed this Smart Baby Case concept. The case plays the role of a temporary protection for a baby after the baby is born.

The case is warn inside, resembling an incubator that allows the baby to feel as though mother hugs him or her. The Smart Baby Case can protect the baby in a polluted environment.

The design of the main body was inspired from the elliptical shape of an egg. According to Mokhtarani, the elliptical case provides some of the most important features of a safe and healthy environment.

The device includes a removable door that offers an easy access to the infant. The top of the case features an eliminating LED that is used to read air quality. The air purification device cleans the case of hazardous gases and dust. In case of emergency, the device uses a smart censor that turns on the chemical mask unit.

Among other features there's Auto Diaper that features a sensor that's receptive to moisture. It can identify baby leaks and engage water pumps that will start flushing the water. Special tubes accumulate the waste which is brought to waste storage located in front of the case.

To keep the baby safe, the case has Anatomi Paths made of soft, flexible material. There are pads of different sizes. The electric parts of the case are powered by rechargeable battery. The device can also be powered by direct city electricity.

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