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Smart Balance Transfers

Share provides its visitors with a great variety of 0% APR balance transfer credit card opportunities from leading banks, so everyone interested in balance transfers may find the best decision of a balance transfer credit card he/she has long been looking for.

Moreover, the website offers a balance transfer calculator and a range of well-written articles to help their clients learn more on the issue and save money when they have to transfer a balance online.

Since 2004, Credit Card Depot Inc, managing the website, has already helped thousands of people discover new credit cards online. Visitors of find the detailed information about the ways they can maximize the savings, using a balance transfer credit card.

'0% APR Balance Transfer Credit Cards' section of the website allows its visitors discover credit cards offering a 0% APR on balance transfers for the period of up to one year. In this regard, it is important to mention that today no major credit card companies are able to offer 0% interest for the whole year on no fee balance transfers. Besides that, many credit card companies have unlimited balance transfer fees, having significantly increased the costs on balance transfers. The section provides detailed information on the major 0% balance transfer offers.

The section of the website devoted to 'No fee balance transfer credit cards' gives its visitors a fine opportunity to have more balance transfer savings, avoiding the disappointing 3% fee charged by credit card companies for every transferred balance.

Starting from April 7 2008, no major credit card company is able to offer its clients no fee, 0% APR balance transfers for a whole year. While it is still possible to find a no fee balance transfer with a comparatively low APR, everyone interested can save considerable sums of money during a one-year period if he/she applies for a credit card offering a 0% APR for a whole year, charging low fees.

When a visitor of discovers the right credit card, all he/she has to do is to click apply and access the online application.

According to the Federal Reserve Board, if the owner of a credit card faces some sort of problem related to his/her credit card, first of all it is advisable to try to solve everything with the store or the credit card company. In case it is not possible, the owner of a credit card should file a complaint with his/her state's attorney general or banking agency, or file a complaint with the federal agency that hold the responsibility for enforcing consumer credit laws for the credit card company.

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