Tuesday, 20 Jul, 2010 Technology

Smart Digital Billboards Can Indentify a Person's Age and Sex


The Digital Signage Promotion Project initiated in Tokyo, Japan, involves the use of digital advertising billboards equipped with cameras that can identify the gender and age group of a person or a group of individuals who pass by and look at the displays. Thus the billboards can adapt their commercial message to the viewer.

It is worth mentioning that the pilot project was launched in June by an association of 11 railway companies. So far 27 intelligent billboards have been mounted in subway commuter stations throughout Tokyo, reports SmartPlanet.

Straphangers at the JR Shinjuku station were informed about two smart displays that were installed there, each measuring 52 inches. The message read: "Advertising survey under way; images being recorded to determine gender and age groups."

According to the spokesman for the project, the cameras are able to identify a person's gender and approximate age when he or she looks for just a second on the display.

Although the operators of the smart displays claim they will not save the images recorded by the cameras, they will, however, gather information about different groups of people, and use the collected information to help advertisers.

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