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Smart Fingertip Camera to Help Blind People


Currently there are a number of electronic tools (such as voice-enabled GPS devices) that help blind people or those who are partially sighted maneuver and interact with their surroundings. However, recently a bioengineer at the University of Pittsburgh invented a brand new device that can prove to be revolutionary and push this interaction to a new level.

The inventor is George Stetten. He was the one to create a small video camera that is installed at the end of a finger. The camera easily connects to a portable computer which then is able to analyze the surroundings and identify and inform about the relevant objects. The mounting of the video camera can also vibrate providing a signal coming from the computer, which informs about something important.

If the camera identifies a nearby obstacle, such as a wall, it is able to trace out the shape in order to guide the person past such barriers.

Thanks to the image processing, the system is able to identify objects in detail. The computer, according to the inventor, can also spot light switches from a distance. The person wearing the camera can maneuver towards a switch with the help of physical feedback or activate it remotely.

According to Setter, his device provides a blind or partially sighted person more control and interaction with the surroundings. In addition, his system can also help sighted people, being able to look for certain objects.

Additional information about the device can be found here .

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