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Smart Pen That Plays Notes When Being Pointed on Them


Gigiway is the company that recently presented its Piano and Violin Learning Pen, a tool for more entertaining music learning. When pointed at notation in a music book, the pen can play the notes it is pointed at, using a built-in speaker, or repeat a selected passage.

The playback speed can be adjusted. The user also has the possibility to turn on the metronome. In order to record the music that the company uses for its teaching system and register the performance in its own studio to be able to register CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit compression-free audio reproduction, Digiway decided to hire professional musicians.

The pen also includes an audio-out port to allow connecting external speakers or earphones to it. To be able to play the notes of a certain melody, the pen makes use of a light sensor, installed in its tip.

If the user points the pen to the title of the music, the device starts playing the whole song, giving explanations of what each symbol in the music book means. One can also break down the music in pieces. There are three different repetition speeds.

The reverse of the pen features a music tone diagram that helps users figure out the right tone for their instrument. The pen is powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Find more information on the device here.

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