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SMS Snooping Can End up a Relationship


In case you became addicted to secretly verifying your partner's SMS messages, remember that you're not the only one suffering from such "disease".

According to an Australian survey, 1 in 2 cell phone users enjoy reading their partner's messages on the sly. Sometimes such practice leads to an end of a relationship.

This is the first survey of its kind and it was conducted for Virgin Mobile Australia, the country's telecom service provider. The results of the survey showed that women are more obsessed with secretly checking the phone of their significant other than men.

The survey also showed that 73 percent of these text message snoops discovered things they wished they hadn't. Ten percent of the correspondents said that SMS spying led to heart-breaking.

The market research firm that conducted the survey in July questioned 500 cell phone users living in Australia, all of them being aged between 18 and 29. It found that about 60 percent of the correspondents check SMS messages while their partner is in the shower and about 40 percent spied when both partners were in the same room.

About 45 percent said that they have found flirtations or sexual content in their partners' cell phones. Some content was harmless while other messages were rather explicit.

"With so many modes of communication available these days, it's difficult to keep track of your partner's whereabouts or who they're chatting to and when. Flirting is age old, but the fact that it can now be tracked on your phone makes a nervous partner a paranoid text-checker," Virgin Mobile quoted Samantha Brett, author and relationship specialist, as saying.

She recommends SMS snoopers to end their spying. "If you suspect that your partner is up to something, talk about it. Text checking can turn into a vicious cycle, and it can easily be avoided," she added.

Source: Reuters

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