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Software That Fuses Real Images on a Camera with 3D Graphics


Researchers from Oxford University developed software that can mix real image and 3D computer-generated one right on the spot. Dubbed the Parallel Tracking and Mapping [PTAM], the program represents a camera-tracking system that analyzes the surroundings seen through a camera and then transforms them into platforms that are used for displaying virtual 3D images or animated characters without having to pre-store certain maps or tags.

It was revealed that the new software has been licensed to QderoPateo LLC, a company that focuses on augmented reality, by Isis Innovation, a technology transfer firm from Oxford. QderoPateo LLC looks forward to integrate the program into cell phone applications.

The system is able to identify different objects and panoramas through the appearance of a number of features that create a "digital signature" of the surroundings. After the map is constructed, the software estimates the viewpoint of the camera along with the angle in such a way so the 3D graphics can appear as though they belong to the same real scene.

The program can be used in a variety of application, one of which could feature an animated character that could guide the users towards a certain location, say restaurant where it would also explain the menu and make a reservation.

QderoPateo stated its plans of developing the augmented reality tech on the gaming and cell phone markets. It looks forward to grow AR search and gaming engine that would run for the company's own Ouidoo smartphone, which is going to be presented at the Shanghai 2010 World Expo. Find more information on the invention here.

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