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Software that Selects Most Suitable Music for Images


Smart software called Picasso was developed to instantly arrange images according to the music played. Dubbed "Multimodal Computing and Interaction," the program is the brainchild of scientist at the Cluster of Excellence on "Multimodal Computing and Interaction" at Saarland University.

The developers look forward to presenting their invention at the Cebit computer expo, were the associated app called "PicasSound" will also be unveiled. It is worth mentioning that the exposition will take place in the period between March 6th and 10th in Hanover, Germany.

Sebastian Michel, the person leading a junior research group at the Cluster of Excellence at the Saarland University, was the one who designed the software, being helped by Ph.D. student Aleksander Stupar.

It would be interesting to note that Picasso makes use of the knowledge of movie producers in assigning proper background music for movies, allowing users to choose the melody that suits their impressions.

To be able to function properly, the software utilizes a three-level algorithm. At first, the user selects a picture; then the picture is compared with a large database of movie scenes and the related soundtracks. The program examines the scenes and comes up with the most similar to the selected image.

It is worth mentioning that the database was created by Michel and Stupar. They divided 50 movies into screenshots and the corresponding soundtracks. During the next step, Picasso generates a list of the selected tracks. In the final phase, with the help of a mathematical calculation, the software reduces the number of tracks to just a couple selections. The latter are proposed to the user.

The demo version is available here.

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