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Solar Impulse Makes Its First Flight


Previously we wrote about the world's first solar powered plane and how it was created. Recently the famous Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard carried out a successful test of the plane.

Although the adventurer traveled only 350 meters, he mentioned that Solar Impulse is able to fly safely, reports TG Daily. In his blog, Piccard wrote that due to the plane's long wingspan and very low speed, the Solar Impulse looked as though it hanged in the air for 30 seconds. "But that was enough for it to fly 350 meters," he added.

The adventurer outlined that it is for the first time that such a light and huge plane, which also consumes little energy, was able to fly. It is worth mentioning that the plane is expected perform a trip around the world.

", I remain humble in the face of the difficult journey still to be accomplished - it's a long way between these initial tests and a circumnavigation of the world," wrote Piccard.

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