Wednesday, 02 Jun, 2010 Technology

Solar Power Plant on the Moon from Japanese Designers


Japanese designers from Shimizu Corporation came up with the idea of creating a solar power plant on the moon.

Their project is called Luna Ring and it involves the construction of a 6,800 mile "solar belt" around the Earth's natural satellite, beaming electricity to our planet with microwaves and lasers. In addition, the designers thought of building receiving stations on Earth, where the stations will make use of the received power.

The entire structure will be built mostly by robots that will be monitored by astronauts. According to the company, water on the solar power plant will be produced by reducing lunar soil with hydrogen brought from Earth.

Lunar resources will also help generate cementing material. Concrete will be made by mixing these materials with lunar soil and gravel. Using solar-heat treatments it would also be possible to make bricks and glass fibers. Currently this is just a concept, which has a long way to go before being actually implemented, considering the amount of investments involved in accomplishing it.

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