Friday, 23 Apr, 2010 Technology

Solar-Powered Cell Phone Designed For Rural People


Although a lot of companies providing services for cell phone users attempt to expand their activity in as much regions as possible, they will not be able to succeed in Africa, where most of the countries lack electricity, which means that it is impossible to use cell phones.

However, industrial designer Andrew Williams decided to create a cell phone that could harness solar energy and which people living in Africa could use to communicate.

His concept cell phone is called "Communication for Rural Africa." The device does not have a battery, which lowers its cost by 40 percent.

One can charge the phone by making use of an onboard solar panel. The designer also thought about including a button interface in the phone. When the button is pressed, the cell phone connects to a local operator who afterwards connects the device to the desired contact. This function eliminates the necessity to record or remember different phone numbers.

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