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Solar-Powered Flying Sailboat Designed for Renault


Damien Grossemy is the author of this flying sailboat concept. The French designer, who developed the concept for Renault, decided to name it Zep'lin.

It is worth mentioning that the project is scheduled for 2015, but today it is the symbol of environmentally-friendly design for the famous French carmaker.

The futuristic concept makes use of a number of technologically advanced features that could be used in an electric car, including solar panels installed on top, which, thanks to a smart rudder system, can move based on the position of the sun to harness more solar power. The collected solar energy is stored in on-board lithium-ion batteries.

Due to its vertical design, the floating sailboat can be easy to handle, with the user being able to change the direction rather quickly and land softly without any additional equipment or structure. Watch the video of the concept and feel free to dream big.

More images are available here.

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