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Solid Gray - Durable Backpack that Keeps Your Portable Devices Safe


A lot of electronics today are quite fragile and require protection, especially when their user likes to travel a lot. With this in mind, the Dutch developers came up with a special backpack for various gadgets.

Dubbed Solid Grey, the hard shell-equipped backpack was created for heavy use. It boasts a rigid body made of a single sheet of polymer. It is worth mentioning that the polypropene block copolymer shell, according to the developers, is very resistant, being able to withstand repeated bending.

Though the material is tough enough to protect the wearer's devices, the backpack is very lightweight. It features a durable EPDM foam lining.

Probably the catchiest thing is the design. Solid Grey looks very futuristic. Inside one will be able to find the main compartment for tablets or laptops measuring up to 15.6 inches, with straps used to keep the gadget in a fixed position. In addition, there are 2 small compartments for smaller devices like smartphones and media players.

Creators of Solid Gray also decided to include in their backpack a foam-padded multi clip in order to keep important documents safe.

[via Gizmag]

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